Art is created to be seen, but most is hidden in private collections or the storerooms of museums and galleries. So I’m sharing what I have collected over the past few years and the latest ones.  Currently –  most of my artworks are in beautiful rooms in Matamata.  Please still feel free to contact me about what you like and make comments on the works.

You will see a variety of artworks;  I was initially drawn to watercolours, currently I like heavy oils/acrylics where you can see the depth of the paint, but also some pencil sketches.  I like landscapes, especially of the south island of New Zealand, of the English countryside, but also like some abstracts and especially those with cubist tendencies  (see my favourite).  The more you look with the objective of just finding something you like, rather than looking for a specific piece, the more you will see the vast talent that is out there.

For those regulars (friends) checking on what is new there is a latest purchase page with links to artworks and artists.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding background, size, or anything else by using the contact form.

Sizes quoted include the frame – actual artwork size will be listed in the description when known.

Prices listed are value guidelines only – in NZ$, include GST (if appropriate – NZ customers), and don’t include postage and packaging.

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