Attended a floor talk by Bob Kerr on Sunday 12th May – artist of the exhibition called ‘hell here now’ – The Gallipoli Diary of Alfred Cameron – on til 2nd June.  A very interesting talk about the works on display, the background to the reading of the diary and the choice of artworks which bring out the story within that diary – of Alfred Cameron, soldier who landed at Gallipoli on 12th May.

The artworks themselves were beautiful – large landscapes made from several pieces depicting the Wellington shore where the troops left from and another depicting Gallipoli beach – shown to perfection by the Tauranga Art Gallery staff.  Other smaller works included one of Culverden where Alfred Cameron left his farm with his horse ‘Percy’ to join the war.  I come from North Canterbury and this artwork was a very good depiction of the Canterbury Plains.

Bob Kerr is especially interested in narrative artwork and has a good talent for telling stories and I feel the Cameron family must be quite proud of this ‘memorial’ of Alfred.

It was a poignant, thought provoking talk enjoyed by a large number of people.

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