Imperial Russian Ballet Company’s “A Festival of Russian Ballet” at Baycourt in Tauranga was a stand out show.  Including The Nutcracker – exquisite display of ballet’s version of a waltz.  Act Three included excerpts from Giselle, Carmen, The Dying Swan finishing with the Can Can Surprise with spectacular spinning and leaps from the male dancers.

But my favourite was Act Two – Bolero.  This was Bolero performed in a ‘Thriller’ style with an eqyptian theme by world-class ballerinas.  The choreography was the best I have ever seen. Starting with a darkened stage, the sound of rain and thunder claps that lit up the middle of the stage, a gradual increase in dancers and movement along with that gradual increase in tempo that Bolero is so renown for.  A truly powerful piece of dance.  People around me, myself included, sat still and intent, not moving till the last sound.

The ballerinas received standing ovation for their  performances.  Highly recommended.

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