Last night at the Tauranga Art Gallery was a very unique musical and artistic performance.  The best way to describe this group is from their own website:  Wild flavours of French Cabaret flirt with the pulse of Electro-Oriental-Jazz. An intoxicating affair of multi-lingual noir poetry, conjuring Balkan dance floors, spiced with a sprinkling of circus…”

The singing, saxophone, clarinet, drums, guitar, the exquisite visual effects including live drawing projected on screen behind the group for every song was refreshingly different to anything I’ve heard before – and as stated had a dance beat and French and jazz and circus aspects and much more.

It was a shame that the music didn’t quite drown out those ticket holders who chose to spend the entire event drinking and talking the night away which I find very disrespectful to the extremely talented artists, but also to those other paying customers who came to listen to them.  The atmosphere was more ‘pub-like’ than a beautiful art gallery atrium which provides an amazing sound stage for those with a performance worth listening to.

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