Bus trips are not everyone’s idea of a day out but I always enjoy the tours organised by the Friends of the Gallery, visiting galleries and hearing from curators and artists that you may not have chosen to view yourself.

This trip included RAMP Gallery with manager Wendy Richdale and Xavier Meade talking about his exhibition Urban Parallels – photographic works of street art – not the type for art sake – the street art that comes from wanting to say something, making you think and stopping you in your tracks to see all the aspects in the photo.  Also being exhibited are photobooks.

Artspost was a place that many of us wanted much more time.  Several of us thought we should class these bus tours as highlight tours because they were really a tempter – that deserved a follow up longer visit to the gallerys.

Leafa Wilson, Art Curator at Waikato Museum gave interesting talks about Juia Mau Moko photographs and then a tour around the amazingly collections area.

Waikato University was a place where their collection peppers the walls of their library and halls – as well as their buildings interesting sculptures are in the grounds.

And to finish the day a visit to Wallace Gallery in Morrinsvile showed off an excellent gallery space – showcasing Richard McWhannell.

Thanks to Karl Chitham, Curator of Tauranga Art Gallery for his organisation and interesting commentary.

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