If you want to see a great selection of local Brisbane artists works visit the Old SchoolHouse Gallery 124-126 Shore Street North at Cleveland Point, Queensland.    Paintings, jewellery, sculptures, craftworks, and cards were all well laid out.  One of the exhibiting artists Mike Scott, photographer, was on hand to have a chat about the artworks and the way the gallery was operated.

This is an art gallery run by the artists – if you join – become a member – you will be asked to volunteer your time there.  Excellent way to run a gallery.  There are art workshops, exhibitions and several gallery spaces.

I particular liked some artworks by Gail Higgins, Hilary Wakeling and the currrent exhibitor artist Priscilla Jean’s cushion covers.  This is a nice gallery with off-street parking in a lovely area – highly recommended.  Take a look at the old SchoolHouse gallery – open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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