Taupo Museum has many sections including an art gallery and many historical exhibitions.  I found a particular stunning piece in the general museum area of Elisa Emma King’s Botannical Display from Crystal Palace London 1851.  This is truly an exquisite collection of leaves, fruits and flowers which are shown in skeleton form which reminds you of those fine silver jewellery pieces and its hard to remind yourself these are actual plant skeletons.  The display is encased in a mahogany veneer cabinet, not the original, which looks appropriate and draws you into the display.  Something I enjoyed spending time viewing.

In the art gallery area to celebrate 40 years of the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge local artists were challenged to create artworks made from recycled bike parts. The bike themed exhibition of art and sculptural works created from recycled/upcycled materials were works for sale.  While not personally a bike enthusiast this was a pleasant and interesting collection of sculptures, again, worth taking the time to view and appraise.

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