Another excellent talk at the Tauranga Art Gallery about the artworks displayed upstairs small gallery by Barry Dabb.  Grafted: Paintings of Contemporary Polynesian Gardens is a colourful, energetic, bright and yet relaxing display of views of gardens, mostly private, and some no longer in existence, from Polynesian Islands.

Listening to Barry Dabb revealed the methods used in creating these works and the story behind his love of these gardens/islands.  I found it interesting that he doesnt regard himself as a photo realism painter although most of the visitors would classify him as such – when you walk into the room it appears that these works are photos until you look closer.  He also made the distinction between a painter which he classes himself as and an artist who is more creative.  Regardless of titles, or methods, these artworks are extraordinary.  And the glimpse into the history of the Polynesian region was enlightening as well.

Well worth a look at this exhibition which runs til 12 March 2017 at Tauranga Art Gallery.

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