Art Curator Karl Chitham gave an interesting insight into the mind of the collector through his talk about the exhibition of some of Theo (1918-2005) and Koula (1927-2014) Vellinga who were a couple who shared a passion for collecting. Their home in the rural foothills of Whakamarama, just north of Tauranga, became a treasure house of exotic figurines and objects, Thai furniture, Persian rugs and over 300 paintings and sculptures.

This exhibition represented works by local, national and international artists alongside Koula’s own studio and paintings. While the couple both loved acquiring beautiful things it was Koula who was particularly interested in art.

This exhibition is a preview to an Auction of the Koula Collection on 3rd April 2017 – contact Zeus Gallery for a catalogue or drop into either gallery and take a look at some fine works by artists including Susan Harrison-Tustain, Peter McIntyre, Raymond Ching and many others.

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