A great night out at Baycourt on  Friday 24 March 2017 for all those who attended Richard O’Brien’s 75th birthday party.  The evening included an interview on stage by Mark Sainsbury and video clips from well wishers.  Richard spoke candidly of his life and I enjoyed the confident philosophies such as “don’t wait for the phone to ring, phone them yourself”.

The second half of the show Richard was accompanied by Kokomo band and Grant Winterburn on piano, with Craig McLachlan in appropriate costume from his Frank N. Furter roll from Rocky Horror Show the Australian stage version.  Others who had come in costume in the audience were rewarded with artwork done by Richard and some was auctioned with all proceeds of the evening going to Starship.

For me the most amazing was the voice of Richard which did not sound like a 75 year old, the strength and quality was incredible as he performed several songs he had written and the evening ended with everyone on their feet to ‘Time Warp’.  An excellent time out.

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