Tauranga is currently showcasing a large number of renown street artists, with events where you can watch the art being created in the street and view others inside the Tauranga Art Gallery.

Take a walk around Tauranga central shopping area – there’s guides at most shops detailing the street works of art and events on during April May and June.

This includes part of the Oi YOU! Collection of George Shaw and his wife Shannon Webster featuring Banksy artworks.  These will keep you occupied for some time, making you think about society, ethics, and art itself.

I attended a talk at the Tauranga Art Gallery by Askew One  discussing the difference between graffiti and street art.  An extremely informative talk, outlining the evolution of these art forms in a very articulate narrative.  I continually push these art talks as you learn so much, not just about art, about people, society, ethics, creativity, psychology, as well as what makes art.

The talks, the artworks, the street work – bringing in lots of younger people to the area and art enthusiasts from all over New Zealand and international guests as well.  Don’t miss out.

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