Visiting Katikati on 30th September for the Katikati Artists Exhibition was a treat as there was so many more events on in the mural township.  The exhibition itself was a great display of a talented range of artists’ work and for sale at very reasonable prices.  My favourites were Noeline Grant with very realistic pieces, David Blair whose beach scenes were very popular and Val Tubman excellent floral works – as well as Noeline’s excellent floral pieces.  There was a vast range of works including some modern pieces as well as delightful bird scenes.  Unfortunately some of the best had sold on the opening to the show.

Elsewhere there were sculptures and other artist’s displaying their works with jewellery and food items, dancing and lots of fun for children as well on the streets of Katikati.

I personally found a lovely Noeline Grant work displayed in a local shop and this is the latest work in the gallery – Kaimai Country.

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