The James Gallery is the result of collecting artworks which I have found enjoyable/interesting/exciting to my eye. I want to keep collecting so am now showing the works I have, for others to see, and purchase if you so desire.

I grew up on a farm in North Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand. For most of my life I have been involved in assisting businesses to become more efficient and productive, primarily through improving their administrative and accounting procedures – trading as JJ Admin using QuickBooks and Ace Payroll. Through all this I have loved and admired artworks, not being artistic myself, but finding enjoyment and peace in looking at the amazing talent of others.

I’ve been to art auctions, exhibitions and talked to artists’ at their homes. I enjoy going to art talks such as those at the Tauranga Art Gallery – you can find out about what’s on by joining the Friends of the Gallery. I manage to keep up to date with what’s on by using the events calendar, by viewing catalogues online, bidding by telephone when I can’t attend an auction, and by researching an artist online as much as possible.

Art seems to have a calming influence, and in today’s world – that means a lot.

– Jocelyn James

courtesy of Prosperpine Pies & Pastries