Barry Dabb talks on his Contemporary Polynesian Garden paintings

Another excellent talk at the Tauranga Art Gallery about the artworks displayed upstairs small gallery by Barry Dabb.  Grafted: Paintings of Contemporary Polynesian Gardens is a colourful, energetic, bright and yet relaxing display of views of gardens, mostly private, and some no longer in existence, from Polynesian Islands. Listening to Barry Dabb revealed the methods […]

Anya Sinclair exhibition

At the Tauranga Art Gallery is a selection of 18 Anya Sinclair art works depicting bush/forest/gardens with inviting pathways so carefully created that you feel like walking into the painting. I attended Anya’s talk last week at the gallery (highly recommend these artist talks) and spoke of the process of her artwork – she sometimes […]

Terry Stringer art talk

This week Friends of the Tauranga Art Gallery were treated to another informative talk by Director Penelope Jackson on the exciting exhibition of Terry Stringer artworks entitled ‘Landscape of the Head’. First learning how the bronze sculptures are made and how they were installed with lots of man power was just a taste of the […]

Bob Kerr talk

Attended a floor talk by Bob Kerr on Sunday 12th May – artist of the exhibition called ‘hell here now’ – The Gallipoli Diary of Alfred Cameron – on til 2nd June.  A very interesting talk about the works on display, the background to the reading of the diary and the choice of artworks which […]