Art Research

The site I use most for researching artists, especially when I’m looking at auction catalogues, is the Australian Art Sales Digest which has art market information for Australian and New Zealand: forthcoming auctions, past auction results from 1969 to the present, market statistics, news and opinion.  There is lots of information for free, but I found the subscription paid for itself over a year in saving me from overpaying for artworks – of course this is all very subjective – if you really like an artwork – just buy it.


Favourite Books

My favourite book store is  fishpond – great service, good prices, great selection, and if you dont want the product after you’ve read it – you can sell it again through the same site.

New Zealand in Watercolour showcases a selection of beautiful paintings by 30 of the country’s leading watercolour artists. Four or five paintings from each contributor are displayed, accompanied by captions from the artists themselves that explain their technical and emotional approach to the subject, along with a brief artist profile and photo.

The subtlety and range of this popular medium are exquisitely reproduced, creating a special collection of artistic perspectives on the New Zealand landscape, people and daily life that will be treasured both by art lovers and by visitors who wish to take away an original memento of a beautiful country.

Artists’ Impression of New Zealand is a rich portfolio of works that capture the diversity of the New Zealand landscape and also the talent of the artists in New Zealand, including Tim Wilson and Richard Smith.

A lovely compilation of Tom Esplin artworks and his wife Edith’s diary record of their travels is the hardcover book Esplin.
Over 100 images, a beautiful collection of his works – if you cant afford the originals.

New Zealand: A Painted Country is one of many beautiful books showing off a portfolio of landscape paintings from the Southern Alps to Northland.
An excellent gift which showcases New Zealand scenery as portrayed by some of New Zealand’s most talented artists including Neil Driver and Paul Hanrahan.

A 180 page book introducing many of New Zealand’s best studio glass artists, and  showcasing the diverse works of 115 glass artists, including essays on the last 30 years of studio glass and examining the techniques of working glass – hot, warm and cold.

This is the perfect book for lovers of glass, collectors and researchers.

A very good source of information about New Zealand artists is by Dick Frizzell It’s All About the Image.  Written from the point of view of one of New Zealand’s most well-known artists,  about the art and artists he liked, including many personal moments and beautiful artwork.